YGE clarify nothing when questioned on confusing lack of promo for BABYMONSTER & “BATTER UP”

I started out my review of BABYMONSTER’s “BATTER UP” by noting how much importance the group likely has to YG Entertainment‘s future, and how messy the lead-up to it was considering that fact. Well, things don’t seem to be getting much better, as the media and fans (and everybody else) have been wondering where BABYMONSTER’s promotions for the track are, and the company has said that basically there aren’t any plans yet.

Look, I’d like to say this is just media and fans overreacting, because surely they have to ramp up sooner than later, but this comes off like BABYMONSTER are going back to the famous YGE dungeon days after debut. People are also understandably skeptical when YGE says vague stuff is coming later, as it’s like Lucy and the football since they always have plans for their groups and then it’ll get changed/delayed/abandoned on a whim. Plus, right now it’s not even really about going on music shows either, as there hasn’t been any other promo stuff for the song that’s been released yet, period.

This isn’t the most interesting story since it’s about the absence of … anything, but it’s just such a YGE response to a reasonable question, and it’s confusing enough to people that it’s creating theories that they’re waiting for Ahyeon to rejoin or something. Maybe that is it? Who knows, cause nothing about this roll-out has made sense so far.


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