BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V reportedly end relationship that was never officially confirmed

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and BTS‘s V have ended their relationship that was never officially confirmed but everybody who was not delusional acknowledged, at least according to an exclusive report.

According to an exclusive report from JTBC, V and Jennie recently decided to end their relationship. While the two sides never officially admitted to their relationship, various media outlets and individuals have captured the two together on multiple occasions.

This makes it two big BLACKPINK news items for the day following their renewal, and it’s also hard not to think the timing of this has something to do with V confirming military enlistment today. Understandably, a lot of couples are forced to figure out how serious they are, as waiting a bit under two years is a commitment.

Well, at least it was amusing for a bit to see stans twist themselves into knots trying to deny this relationship existed. Other than that, while a K-pop power couple was fun, not much was really public about it (as is their right), so for sane people this shouldn’t impact much of anything.


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