Song Ji Eun (SECRET) reveals relationship with YouTuber & activist WERACLE

Last I saw of SECRET member Song Ji Eun was opening up about how much TS Entertainment sucked, so it was surprising to see news about her today that she revealed her relationship with Park We, best known as YouTuber WERACLE.

Today, before Christmas, I would like to introduce a precious person who has come into my life like a gift. My boyfriend.
I wanted to share that I am in a beautiful relationship with everyone who has supported and watched over me for such a long time. Please continue to support both me and my partner, who has a wonderful attitude towards life and a generous heart that knows how to love others. I will greet you all a lot through the Weracle channel in the new year. I thought I wouldn’t be nervous, but I am!!!

People around these parts are probably familiar with Song Ji Eun, but Park We’s YouTube channel is named after his story, which he considers a miracle.

In May 2014, Park was celebrating his acceptance of a job offer with friends. The next thing he knew, it was five days later and he was in a hospital bed. 
After drinking too much, Park suffered a 3-meter (10-foot) fall from a building and damaged his spine so badly he was paralyzed from the neck down.
“I knew my body was there,” Park recalls, “but I couldn’t feel anything.”
Park’s family visited every hospital in Seoul with his MRIs, hoping to get a better prognosis. The best they heard: “It will be a miracle if he can ever move his arms.”

It took two years for Park to move his left thumb around and be able to hold a 200 gram (0.44 pound) smartphone.   
Today he uses his two hands to do push-ups and even attempts pull-ups.  
In 2019, Park decided to start his YouTube channel, WERACLE, to encourage disabled people like him to never give up. It’s also meant to show the non-disabled how even a person in a wheelchair can live a life filled with gratitude.
WERACLE is a combination of Park’s name and the word miracle. We is also meant to include the rest of humanity.

Shortly after the announcement, a video of the two went up on his YouTube channel, though it doesn’t have English subtitles.

Regardless, congrats to the couple, and I figured covering this was a way to call attention to his story, the fight for disability rights in Korea, and his channel that aims to uplift others with disabilities.


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