Lee Sun Gyun passes away at 48

Actor Lee Sun Gyun has passed away at 48, which was confirmed by police. Authorities suspect he died by suicide, as he left a note behind at his residence.

Later that morning, the police confirmed reports that the man in question was Lee Sun Gyun by stating, “His identity has been confirmed.”

This comes just a couple of days after he went through a 19-hour police interrogation on allegations of drug use made against him. During that summons, he requested a lie detector test be given to both him and the alleged hostess bar manager who accused him (and G-Dragon), and his lawyer described the public summons as ‘burdensome’ for him.

They continued, “If A’s statement is true, the National Forensic Service’s precise drug test results should have been positive. However, Lee Sun-kyun received negative results. It is too unfair and A should also undergo a lie detector test so that her statement can be verified scientifically”.
In addition, Lee Sun-kyun’s side has been complying with the police’s public summons so they asked the police to conduct the lie detector test in private. They said, “It is burdensome to present at the police station again. We hope that the police will follow the principle and summon us privately in the future”.

Needless to say, I feel disgusted by the way all of this unfolded, but that’s probably best left for another time. For now, I just hope his wife and children find a way to get through this. Really feel for them.


If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or has had self-harming thoughts, do not hesitate to contact a crisis center from your country or to call your country’s suicide hotline.


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