And that’s a wrap (almost?) on 2023

Yo, what’s up everybody. By the time this is posted, it’ll either already be 2024 or it’ll almost be 2024, so happy new year wishes to all.

Personally, 2023 was a long and tough year (non-site reasons), but through it all, I’m glad that I still had the time to shit things up on here for my own amusement and hopefully yours as well. As I become more and more of a hag, I also realize more and more how much of an accomplishment just surviving another year is, much less having the privilege of spending my free time doing shit like this. While I’ve always basically just done my own thing no matter the audience size, I’d obviously be lying if it wasn’t encouraging and validating to have people just give a shit one way or another. Thus, I’m grateful for all the readers that help make doing this site even more worth the while.

As for the future, well I’ll probably just continue to focus on what I feel like doing, as always. But I, uh, should probably focus more on getting the lists I’ve planned done, since I actually enjoy doing them and I kinda always find an excuse to put it off. I swear, they’re coming! I’m not a procrastinator!

Anyway, see you later in 2024*!

Happy new year!

*Again, this is assuming there’s not some giga breaking news that forces me to bang away at my phone while at a party whilst fireworks fly over my head due to some niece/nephew/cousin that’s seemingly purposefully trying to set my car ablaze.


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