Bullet Points: Jin & Meisa divorce, plus just so much fandom fuckery, company news, and awards stuff

Hello and welcome to 2024! Been a rough start to things so far, at least in Korea and Japan, with the year beginning with political stabbings and earthquakes. Yeesh.

Anyway, what better way to start the entertainment side of things off than by recapping all the shit I missed over the holiday season, which is apparently when everything happens.


The TO1 thing is a bit weird cause 18 months ago they shuffled the lineup and gave them two comebacks in a four-month span … then nothing. Good to see DGNA and Karam are going to be back after they lost out on Peak Time due to that dumb scandal. Jennie‘s news actually came out before YG Entertainment confirmed BLACKPINK would not continue individual activities under them, which made that announcement less surprising at least.


I don’t want to say this is necessarily “good” health section, as both items here are serious ailments, but at least there’s only two this time? Depressing silver linings.


Guys … what the FUCK is going on with fans? How is there this much mess? Good grief. International fans in particular are getting way too familiar in like acting out their fetishes with these idols, all while they continue to act like only Koreans are the weirdo parasocial types.

Also, a bit of a rarity in that there’s a situation where I agree the security went overboard on the BOYNEXTDOOR thing with one of their fans. Do I necessarily shed tears over those airport stalker types? No, but the degree was clearly unnecessary to me.


I like how every fucking broadcaster has their own awards. It’s insane to me. Feels like resume padding.


I have a vested interest in the Kuroki Meisa and Jin Akanishi news since she used to be the site’s avatar. Was hoping everything was going well, as they got a lot a hate for their relationship, but hopefully it’s at least as amicable as they portray.


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