CIX’s BX stars in ‘0 Or 1’ teasers that utilize AI for his voice and expressions

Boy group CIX from C9 Entertainment has recently released a teaser for their 0 Or 1 comeback that proudly hypes the utilization of AI. The teaser uses member BX as its “humanoid” — which is almost a bit on the nose regarding what K-pop companies likely want idols to be — and that has been met with understandable resistance from some fans.

No, BX is not a polyglot, that’s the AI basically imitating his voice. I assume this is because they recorded him extensively and trained whatever model they use on it. Judging by his answer on Bubble, the company also deepfake’d his face to some extent so they could mimic his expressions.

Most fans likely won’t care about this if it stops here, but aside from the fact that using AI to “create” (steal) art just sucks in general, my concern is whether BX just signed the use of his voice and likeness over to either C9 (or whatever tech company did this for them) in perpetuity or not. For his sake, let’s hope not.


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