[Review] Rookie girl group Geenius make an impressive debut “Voyage”

Geenius are a rookie girl group from new company HOMe, and I’m already predisposed to liking them since they are a quintet that escaped from Blockberry Creative and their maknae is already 20. Of course, none of that matters if their “Voyage” debut itself isn’t up to par, but thankfully it’s quite promising.

“Voyage” is an upbeat song that serves effectively as a showcase of the members’ charms and vocals. A vibrant, synthy track with some ethereal-sounding moments, the fingerprints of groups like LOONA, WJSN, and Lovelyz can be heard, and it has a bit of pep in its beat to give it the energy it needs. Thanks to solid melodies, “Voyage” gets right up to the precipice of great, but the chorus doesn’t quite take things to the levels it deserves, as it seemingly lacks both that ambition and the knockout hook.

Of course, that’s a great place to be on debut, and best way I can describe this level of good is to say it’s extremely playlist-worthy. The kind of track that is unlikely to land on best-of lists (at least mine … probably), but one I’ll always listen to when it comes up and is unlikely to age poorly or get worn down by trends of the time.

Additionally, all the members participating in writing of the lyrics is a cool wrinkle, and the music video is executed well that adds polish to the debut. Conceptually, “Voyage” works to give them all an identity along with doing the whole introduction thing, and I loved the flashes of animation as it really brought out the art becomes life concept. While it definitely works as a showcase for the members*, hopefully the quality also indicates that their company will be in this for the long-haul. Certainly looking forward to their future now.

*Their It’s Live also helped sell me on the group, as they were full of personality and the song had that extra energy from the band the recorded version was lacking a bit.

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