Court ruled in favor of OMEGA X twice due to acknowledging frequent abuse, threats & harassment by SPIRE’s CEO

The details of the court rulings in favor of OMEGA X in cases against SPIRE Entertainment and YouTuber In Ji Woong are now being reported, with the court recognizing the group’s mistreatment in both cases.

OMEGA X had filed for two injunctions. The first sought to suspend their exclusive contract with SPIRE Entertainment following a press conference in November 2022 where the group detailed their experiences of assault and verbal abuse by CEO Kang Seong Hee. The second injunction was related to removing videos and banning future videos from a YouTuber named In Ji Woong, who raised suspicions of tampering against OMEGA X.
In both rulings, the court recognized the mistreatment of the OMEGA X members by the CEO, including verbal abuse, insults, coercion, and forced harassment. These findings were pivotal in the court’s decisions.

For the injunction against the SPIRE, the court ruled that the frequency and nature of the verbal abuse OMEGA X were subjected to by CEO Kang Seong Hee went above and beyond criticism even if it was (as she claims) to correct disorderly behavior. Furthermore, they were threatened with disbandment constantly, which caused them to lose trust in the company.

“Spire Entertainment executives have repeatedly mentioned the suspension of Omega X’s activities or disbandment of the group, which was used as a means to threaten the members, and it is believed that it may have damaged their trust,” the court said.

For the injunction against the YouTuber, In Ji Woong had claimed that the courts found no evidence of sexual harassment or assault by the CEO, but the court clarified that their judgment did not rule that out. The court believed the ‘forcible’ harassment and assault against OMEGA X was true, thus the ruling that his videos were factually incorrect and had to be removed.


So, OMEGA X’s legal battle will continue on against both parties, but things seem to be trending well for them as every court ruling has gone their way thus far. At this point, I mostly just feel bad for them that they have to continue this legal battle because of one party that is desperate to salvage their place in the industry and the other party that is just looking for clicks.


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