‘Crime Scene Returns’ reveals debut date, poster, teaser trailer! LET’S GOOOOOOO!

It’s now been about seven months since I almost had a heart attack in excitement over Crime Scene returning as … well, Crime Scene Returns. It was picked up by streaming service TVING after having the last season end in 2017, and it now has a debut date announced for some time in February, a new poster, and a trailer.

Obviously there’s the veteran cast members like director Jang Jin, announcer/actress Park Ji Yoon, and comedian Jang Dong Min, but the new blood in the form of SHINee‘s Key, IVE‘s Yujin, and actress Joo Hyun Young are an interesting bunch of rookies and I sorta have my hopes set high for the guests based on them.

Odds on first person to dramatically cry on the show, either genuinely or to bullshit:

Key: -200
Yujin: +500
Guests: +800
Field: +1700

Even in the trailer, Key seems a few people doubting him away from bringing out the waterworks, so it’s Joever for everybody else on this prop bet for a Crime Scene tradition.

Also, please join me in pressuring TVING to let me help their ratings so this can come back again and I don’t have to find it … elsewhere.


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