Convicted gang rapist Choi Jong Hoon joins Fanicon, begins returning to activities

You know, while I was disappointed at the light sentence of Choi Jong Hoon after he was convicted of gang rape and other crimes, I naively assumed that at least he’d probably be done in the entertainment industry and nobody would have to hear from him again. Boy, that was a dumb assumption.

After being released from prison over two years ago, Choi Jong Hoon is now testing the entertainment waters again, opening an account on Fanicon, a Japanese community platform that allows fans to engage with their favorite celebs for the cost of 5000 won. In an introductory statement, he greeted fans by expressing gratitude to them and saying he wants to create a bright future.

“I greet you all after about 5 years. I was able to show this healthy appearance thanks to the strength I received from each and every one of your messages. I am truly grateful. I want to show you everything I want to do in the future, as well as my personal life. I will make an effort to create a bright future with all of you, so please support me. Thank you in advance.”

Also, while I doubt there would be any Choi Jong Hoon apologists around these parts, for anybody who had the thought that he should be allowed to move on with his life, he and his mother certainly didn’t sound like they were all that remorseful after he was released.

Choi Jong Hoon: “I also have bad trauma and shock [from the scandal]. I don’t know what to say to you when you are coming at me with a recording device.”

Choi Jong Hoon’s mother: “Why would you ask such things? It wasn’t even a big deal [pushes reporter] and you’re making such a fuss about it. God will punish you.”

I mean, what can you say? Dude and his parents just suck and are terrible people.

While I get that he needs a job to live and (unfortunately) rejoin society, there’s no right for him to be an entertainer, and I’m really just hoping this is not the first step to him being back on TV and shit 10 years from now.


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