Fansite for UNIS member Lim Seowon has pictures from her graduation … from elementary school

UNIS, the girl group formed from survival show Universe Ticket, rather famously has a child star as a member in Lim Seowon. Not only has she just turned 13 a bit over two weeks ago, but she’s actually been in the industry since 2018.

Still, in the middle of all the young idols celebrating graduating from high school or even middle school, it was jarring to see an announcement recently that celebrated her graduating from elementary school.

Also, when you have kids in the industry, there’s unfortunately also going to be fandom norms that come along with it. Thus, some fansite of hers went to an elementary school graduation to take pictures of her.

This is nothing against her, as by all accounts she’s talented and all that. However, when you take a step back, it’s weird to realize there’s people following around a kid that’s around 12-13 and taking photos of them everywhere in public. Like it’s just an insane thing to do. If you had a friend tell you they were going to an elementary school to take pictures, you’d probably call the police.


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