WJSN’s Dayoung is proving to be a perfect spokeswoman for HD Hyundai’s DEVELON

Due to my failings as the owner of this site, you may not yet have heard that WJSN‘s Dayoung is an ambassador for HD Hyundai‘s heavy construction brand DEVELON. It’s a … unique and seemingly odd match at first, but it seems to be working out well given the attention the pairing has received.

All of this came together when she was a guest on the Workdol series for the Workman YouTube channel, showcasing her getting a license to operate a small excavator and then working part-time on a farm. A surprisingly natural pairing was formed and the episode was a hit.

That’s right, in the midst of companies/celebs/fans bragging about all sorts of fancy brands they are ambassadors for, Dayoung is out there in the streets, literally paving the way.

WJSN and HD Hyundai made things social media official at that time as well.

Later that month, the company had a pop-up store that she was at, and I was honestly not at all familiar with a heavy construction pop-up store, which has to be a first for a fan-signing event.

Not sure how many people needed an excavator while shopping in a department store, but nevertheless!

She also was a guest at an Ulsan HD FC match, the team owned by Hyundai HD.

When she’s not brainwashing kids to get into construction during the holidays, she’s doing company propaganda videos by making working there look cool, attending CES in Las Vegas to make heavy equipment look cool, and charming the attendees.

And by charming, I mean forcing the people to attend to drive her numbers up.

If nothing else, it’s hilarious we have English subtitles for HD Hyundai promo events.

Not sure how many K-pop fans are necessarily going to be buying heavy equipment, but if I’m ever in the market, I’ll remember thanks to Dayoung.


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