Quick Reviews: LE SSERAFIM make vibing along anything but “EASY”

LE SSERAFIM have found a ton of success with their singles since their debut, relying on simple, repetitive, and catchy hooks that are highlighted by a brash attitude. But in my estimation they’ve musically done even better with their b-sides, and hopefully that’s the case here as well since single “EASY” mostly falls flat.

“EASY” was fighting an uphill battle from the get-go, as it involved gratuitous vocal effects put over trap beats and was executed by K-pop idols, which isn’t a combination I’m sure I’ve ever enjoyed much. That’s not to say others won’t enjoy this quasi-throwback R&B sound, but if you do actually love the foundational combination then you should really move over to Korean R&B/hip-hop, as they’ve frequently blended the two in this way, for better and worse (mostly worse). Perhaps this could’ve been better if the members were allowed to inject their trademark charisma and attitude into this with bolder vocals, but instead they’re seemingly instructed to be as forgettable and interchangeable as possible, making “EASY” practically anonymous without the music video.

Mostly it’s just one of those vibey songs that’s supposed to be their take on the easy listening trend, but it ends up more as a background music type of thing (maybe it’ll work on TikTok?), that for me was also somewhat annoying and thus not useful for the “easy” part of easy listening. “EASY” is also therefore by far their easiest title track to write-off as something I never want to come back to.


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