Acclaimed producer Shinsadong Tiger passes away at 40

Shinsadong Tiger, acclaimed K-pop producer who was working as an executive producer at TR Entertainment, has passed away at just 40 years of age. The tragic news was confirmed by the agency in a statement, “As this news came suddenly, we are currently confirming the specific details. Once we have sorted everything out, we will provide information regarding funeral arrangements and other details.” There isn’t much other information about his death that’s out there, though I’m not sure there needs to be.

Known for producing some of K-pop’s biggest hits — like T-ara‘s “Roly Poly“, EXID‘s “Up & Down“, Apink‘s “NoNoNo“, BEAST‘s “Fiction“, HyunA‘s “Bubble Pop!“, MOMOLAND‘s “BBoom BBoom“, and many more — he was currently involved with girl group TRI.BE, who have said they’ll be suspending activities.

Not much to say here except it’s incredibly sad and his legacy will live on as somebody who helped shape the K-pop landscape as we know it today.


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