Quick Reviews: TWICE’s “ONE SPARK” could’ve used one more in the chorus

Following their sentimental, fansong-esque pre-release, TWICE are back with “ONE SPARK” off their With YOU-th album, and it was easy to recognize that it’s meant to be the marquee single because they’re the latest to extensively incorporate the now-trendy-again drum-and-bass into their sound. TWICE mostly do the correct thing with it and ride its driving nature, playing with tempo well at times to avoid being repetitive, while also making sure the song never feels disjointed. The dreamy pre-chorus showcases this best, and is the highlight of the single.

Unfortunately, the refrain of the chorus doesn’t quite reach the heights that the build into it teases, and it feels almost shouted at listener despite its impact being surprisingly flat and repetitive. TWICE have made their money on excellent hooks that drag your ear back to their songs, so to be left with the impression that there’s nothing to quite latch onto was disappointing. The foundation of “ONE SPARK” is a lot more intriguing in terms of potential, but due to the execution of the chorus, I think even “I GOT YOU” ends up as the better offering.


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