Let’s Discuss: How much should fans care about idol vocals? Do they actually? Has there been a vocal decline in K-pop of late?


Hello and welcome to Let’s Discuss, another feature I made up in five minutes because I figured out it allows me to be lazy by taking discussions already happening on the site and on social media and utilizing it for my own benefit.


Anyway, as you may have noticed, the popular discourse at the moment revolves around LE SSERAFIM’s encore stages. Not only are people getting heated about them specifically, but more importantly, both on here and on social media, people are using them as a catalyst to talk about the supposed decline in standout vocalists, vocal standards, live performances, or all of that and more.

In particular, I responded to this one TikTok posted on Twitter, saying basically that vocal ability has rarely had much to do with popularity in K-pop, among other things.

But what got me thinking about different topics related to all this discourse was a reply from our very own Ells cutting past all the stuff about the realities of the industry and getting things back on track to the vocal aspect of this.

So from what I can gather, the discussion is about:

  • How much should fans care about idol vocals? Do they actually care?
  • Should idols need to be able to sing? If so, to what level do you expect?
  • Has there actually been a decline in vocal talent in K-pop?

As far as my thoughts, I’ve basically answered all of those in my tweets, but was curious to see what everybody else’s thoughts were since it’s one of the few topics I saw that actually got a pretty wide-range in opinions.


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