LE SSERAFIM play “EASY” on a recorder as promised and amidst criticism following ‘Music Bank’ win

LE SSERAFIM have been snapping up music show wins for their latest comeback in “EASY” (whether I liked it or not), and for their latest encore stage for a Music Bank win they delivered a recorder performance as they promised to fans.

Good job, good effort.

That’s the kind of light and fun mess that’s far too often missing from K-pop, honestly. Like it’s just extremely stupid and entertaining. The worse it is, the better.

That said, this version kinda did clear even that, lol. Needed that nose involvement.

Unfortunately for LE SSERAFIM, this came immediately on the heels of getting ripped by both Korean and international netizens for a brutal encore stage after an M COUNTDOWN win.

One thing I will say, I saw stans of some groups talking shit about this that absolutely should not be talking.

Regardless, unfortunately the recorder thing wasn’t well received either due to the uproar over the earlier encore, which is kinda sad.


Personally, I think it’s alright to be honest about the state of the vocals of some top K-pop groups at the moment, and fans need to realize that not all criticism or having standards is just people hating. Encore stages have become focused on because stans go around acclaiming “lives” where heavy backing track and/or auto-tune is clearly used, and since they’re used so often, now it’s hard to gauge skills outside of chances like these. But also like … we can simply enjoy the fun parts of K-pop when they come without being miserable about it as well. Hot take, I guess, but two things are possible.


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