PLAVE become the first-ever virtual group to notch music show win with “WAY 4 LUV” on ‘Show Champion’

Debuting almost exactly a year ago in March of 2023, PLAVE has seen a fast rise in popularity, not only having impressing physical and digital numbers, but also streaming numbers. Now their latest comeback with “WAY 4 LUV” has seen them make history as being the first-ever virtual group to take home a music show win, prevailing on Show Champion.

One of the downsides to being virtual is that you can’t see the members crying for their first win, but their reaction does exist at least.

For me, personally, it’s also been about a year since I first covered them, noting that they were doing this whole virtual group thing right, and boy have they blown past what I ever thought was going to be possible for a virtual group in K-pop.

Anyway, congratulations to the members. Other than this win, perhaps the most validating thing PLAVE could ever receive is knowing that fans of other groups are starting to hate on them more and more of late. That’s how you know the rise is truly happening.


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