FANTASY BOYS’ K-Soul claims fans who support idols dating may also accept being cheated on and abused

FANTASY BOYS member K-Soul made a couple controversial comments during a livestream earlier today, mentioning a boy group member who brought his girlfriend to a club and also saying fans shouldn’t tolerate idols dating or they’re setting themselves up for abuse.

For his girlfriend comment, the idol is unnamed, but netizens feel it might fuel speculation. More importantly though, he seems to admonish fans for not caring about it and still liking the idol because it’s unfair to other members.

“There’s a member in that group who’s dating. He brought his girlfriend to an outdoor event, to a club, and even groped her butt there.”

“But he was able to win on a music show. I searched their hashtag and saw a comment that said, ‘He has a girlfriend, but I still really like him, what should I do?’ I was like, ‘Hmm…fine.’ This is very unfair to the guys who work hard in the practice room just for that one chance to get noticed by everyone.”

Bizarre pandering type of shit to the most insane fans. Comes off like he has a bone to pick and is just salty that guy’s career isn’t tanked.

Continuing on, K-Soul further expanded on his feelings about fans who tolerate their idols dating, saying they’re basically setting themselves up to get cheated on and abused.

“I don’t understand it. Get ready to get cheated on while you’re in a relationship and get abused while you’re in a marriage, then. I really don’t understand it.”

His fans tried to explain, saying he meant that if you tolerate idols dating then you may also tolerate cheating and abuse from your partner as well, which… uh, doesn’t make things any better.

Well, I had no idea who K-Soul was before he said all this, but man this guy fucking sucks.


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