Chuu’s contract nullification victory against Blockberry confirmed by High Court after appeal

LOONA member Chuu has been racking up the legal wins against her former company Blockberry Creative, but the main case still hadn’t been concluded yet and the last update we got on her contract mess was in August. Well, recently their appeal of the ruling that said her contract was illegal was upheld.

On March 8, the 7th Civil Division of the Seoul High Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff Chuu again in the second trial of a lawsuit against BlockBerryCreative. Regarding the ruling, the court remarked, “We judged that the conclusion of the first trial was reasonable.”

Chuu had filed a lawsuit to invalidate her contract over a year ago due to unfair profit settlement and lack of trust, and has been continuing with her activities in the industry since then under ATRP.

The writing was on the wall for this decision, as I mentioned last year.

I’m sure BBC will attempt to appeal the ruling, but it’s hard to see this being overturned given that they haven’t seen a victory against any of the members yet.
While this had always seemed like the obvious conclusion after the initial wins, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any K-pop company get continually dunked on as hard as Blockberry has in contract disputes, but it’s always nice for it to (mostly) be done and dusted.

Congrats to Blockberry, I guess.

I think they can actually still appeal to the Supreme Court, but I have no idea if they’ll actually do so because it seems clear at this point that they’re wasting their time. Hopefully they just leave it alone.


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