Rundown: AIMERS, Daesung, Yugyeom, A.C.E, ICHILLIN’, RESCENE, H1-KEY, NOMAD, more

It’s been weeks since the last Rundown and I apologize for that, but I was a bit busy and there was almost like a week off in that time anyway (maybe due to March 1st Movement Day, as ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki now knows), so it sorta worked out alright.


AIMERS – “Somebody”

Apologies for missing this in the last Rundown, especially since it’s one of the better releases. Wish it leaned further in to the rock energy and gave the chorus another gear, but it’s still an upbeat and fun effort with some energy to it. More than most can say.


Lim Hyunsik (BTOB) – “La Mar”

A rock ballad but one on the dreary and weepy side of things. I’m biased against these tracks cause I don’t want to soundtrack those moods, but for those who do, this should fit nicely.


J.Y. Park, Stray Kids, ITZY, NMIXX – “Like Magic”

A collab with Coke, it basically goes downhill after Lily stops singing.

Most importantly:


TRI.BE – “Diamond”

I’ve had my fill of tracks with chill and relaxed energy from pop groups to last a life time by now, but at least the strong beat here nicely contrasts with the sentimental vibe and vocal delivery.


Yugyeom (GOT7) – “1 MINUTE”

Maybe should’ve taken the “10 Minutes” as Hyori suggested*.

*It’s actually a fine R&B track, but I couldn’t resist.


A.C.E – “My Girl”

The fact that this is from the same group that did “Cactus is wild, but at least we will always have “Cactus”.



The rock trend is a positive, but so many of them are these kinds of generic, plodding efforts instead of more fun variations of the genre.


H1-KEY – “Deeper”

Uh … same?


NOMAD – “No Pressure”

I thought there was a chorus coming after the almost laughably repetitive “no pressure no diamonds” thing, but no, that was the chorus. Would’ve been a decent debut with almost anything better on the topline.



They’re right on trend in their pre-debut phase in terms of having one 19-year-old and four others with an average age of 16, impressing netizens with their visuals, and having an easy-listening dreamy sounding deep house track, though it’s best consumed in the under two minutes version as the official version drags.


Daesung (BIGBANG) – “Falling Slowly”

Hard carries this with his voice, as the song itself is a bit drab and the mixing was odd sounding.



Scattershot production that feels empty, especially contrasted with the shouty vocals, though still more listenable to me than NCT Dream‘s Hot Sauce at least.


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