Quick Reviews: BTS’s V gets mellow and mismatched on “FRI(END)S”

BTS‘s V is currently in the military, but like many others before him, there was still content to be released during that period to help keep him in the public eye. As such, “FRI(END)S” hit the Internet hours ago, and if you listened to his previous solo work (especially on Layover), you basically know what to expect.

Of course, that sort of mellow and understated style is usually not for me. While there’s nothing wrong with soul R&B, especially for certain moods, it depends heavily on the artists’ vocal color and stylings to sell it, and I don’t think this is necessarily the best fit for V. This kind of stuff should be relaxing/chill playlist material, but there are too many moments where it’s a bit grating, and the fact that’s it’s a friendzone ode with a Wattpad-esque title doesn’t help things.


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