Hyeri & Han So Hee are making a public mess over Ryu Jun Yeol, providing us all with juicy relationship drama

It’s pretty rare in K-pop that you get two high-profile celebrities taking public shots like this, but Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri and actress Han So Hee seem to be doing just that over relationship drama with actor Ryu Jun Yeol.

As many know by now, Hyeri and Jun Yeol dated for around seven years but broke up in November of last year. Recently, Jun Yeol and So Hee were allegedly spotted in Hawaii together, sparking relationship rumors, to which one side gave a no comment and one side eventually denied.

I didn’t think much of it at the time, since it’s now months after Jun Yeol’s breakup with Hyeri and the dating might not even be true. However, things started to heat up a bit after Hyeri posted “it’s funny” as a caption on a picture from Thailand, So Hee posted pictures from her vacation in Hawaii, and then it was discovered Hyeri unfollowed Jun Yeol on Instagram.

That seemed to arouse netizen suspicions as intended, and they connected So Hee to Jun Yeol back in November of 2023 at his art exhibition, which would be shortly after his breakup with Hyeri. In fact, So Hee allegedly went to the exhibition with her sister just two days after the breakup was reported.

That sent the rumor mill into overdrive, with people speculating that Hyeri was inferring she was cheated on and that Jun Yeol left her for So Hee, and all kinds of other wild speculation. However, MBC News reported that the first time So Hee and Jun Yeol met was at the said exhibition, which could either be interpreted as damage control or proof that there wasn’t anything going on prior to the breakup.

Eventually So Hee responded with an Instagram Story of her own, using an idiom to convey her words and take a shot directly back at Hyeri.

After the initial post, Han So Hee did a more direct post regarding the rumors and shared it on her Instagram stories. In the post, there was a picture of a dog with a speech bubble coming out, saying, “Explain the situation now.” In particular, Koreans call gossip or lies “Words from a dog,” which could be her take on saying the rumors are wrong.

“I don’t like people who have a lover,
nor do I give them space, interest,
or establish a relationship under
the guise of friendship,
nor do I meddle in other
people’s relationships.
I like transit dating programs,
but they’re not a part of my life”

“I find it funny, too.”

That last line … normally don’t get this type of stuff out of Korean celebs, man.

This is peak content.


And honestly? I appreciate all of them for it. This is the kind of celebrity mess that’s entertaining, simply because this could and should all be handled with texts messages like adults in private, but they are choosing to air it out publicly for all of us. Hey, I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

Must be something…



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