[Event] IVE bust out the sub-units and adapt well to Texas on their ‘Show What I Have World Tour’

IVE’s Wonyoung excitedly gushed about how much she loved Texas barbeque. The crowd erupted in applause as state pride flooded the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas. This was IVE’s first time in Texas, so the group was able to experience one of the best cultural aspects the state had to offer.

Editor’s Note: Everybody welcome George Yang aboard!

Strangely, this was IVE’s only stop in Texas during its first world tour, Show What I Have. For as popular as IVE is, I thought they’d at least have another show in Houston. I mean, Texas is an absolutely huge state! In any case, the arena was jam packed with fans all across the state and neighboring ones like Oklahoma — including myself, as I drove three hours to the Dallas area from Austin.

IVE’s setlist for the night included all of its biggest singles, opening up with “I AM” and ending with “Baddie” and “After LIKE“. The setlist also did a fantastic job balancing the pace of B-sides between energetic songs like “Lips” and “Hypnosis” with relatively slower ones like “Shine With Me” and “Blue Blood“, giving the audience time to breathe between all of the cheering and barking.

Of course, every K-pop concert has a segment where each individual member gets their own spotlight, and IVE’s was no different. Gaeul and Rei got their own solos by singing Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” and NIKI’s “Every Summertime“, respectively. Liz and Wonyoung teamed up for a beautiful rendition of Richard Sanderson’s “Reality“, while Yujin and Leeseo closed with the explosive “Woman Like Me” by Little Mix.

Towards the latter part of the show, IVE switched their costumes to don cowgirl hats and boots. While the members were having fun with mannerisms throughout the show like yelling “yeehaw” and swinging around imaginary ropes over their heads like cowgirls, it was these costumes that cemented a unique Texan flair to the spectacle.

So despite the fact that I had to stay overnight in a shady $50 motel after the show because I didn’t feel comfortable driving back home at midnight, I was really glad that I got to see IVE on their first world tour. Just please add more shows in Texas next time! I’m pretty sure Starship Entertainment can afford it.


Credit for the videos go to rkivelaila, CrispyChris, and al51723.

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