Former T-ara member Areum is alive & conscious, responds to claims fiancée is borrowing money from fans

Okay, so I hesitated a bit in posting this update for reasons you’ll see later, but the main thing is former T-ara member Areum has regained consciousness and is lucid following her attempt on her life. And I hesitated because this was only revealed through a comment she supposedly left on a video by tabloid YouTuber Lee Jin Ho, where she stated, “I started with a lawsuit about child abuse. It’s so fascinating that this is the first thing I see when I regained consciousness. I will be suing you for spreading false information.

The reason Areum replied that way is his video accusing her fiancée of using her story to borrow money from fans on Instagram. However, days ago Areum explained on Instagram that somebody was scamming money using her name, and her boyfriend also recently expressed frustration on Instagram about the allegations and is threatening legal action.

Gonna be honest and say I don’t quite know what’s going on with the borrowing money stuff, but obviously don’t send money to strange accounts over the Internet, especially when the said people may have been hacked.

The speculation should eventually resolve itself one way or another, but the important thing is that Areum is alive and conscious again.


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