Han So Hee kicks the tires on the drama, questions Hyeri intentions and then apologizes again

So if you were being normal like me, you likely figured the Han So Hee, Hyeri, Ryu Jun Yeol love triangle thing was an amusing bit of mess but ultimately didn’t lead to much as everybody calmed down rather quickly. Well, so much for that shit being over, as Han So Hee kicked the tires on the controversy again by making a post on Instagram.

So Hee reiterates that the first time she met Jun Yeol was in November of 2023, explains her reasoning for dating Jun Yeol, and insists again there was no transfer love. She says Jun Yeol and Hyeri ended their relationship by wishing each other well, and their intended meetup in November wasn’t to get back together, then she also then lashed out at Hyeri for her initial post and subsequent apology.

“What I don’t understand is that I want to ask [Hyeri] what was so funny about the fact that her ex got a new girlfriend. Why did she transform the content of the text message, which was not for the purpose of reunion, into a text message full of lingering attachment, and give the title of ‘transfer love’ to [Ryu Jun Yeol’s] new romantic relationship that occurred after four months [since their breakup], then remain silent.”

So basically she’s asserting that in Hyeri’s apology she was being shady to Jun Yeol and her for letting netizens believe they had a shot of getting back together at that point despite a breakup and no contact for four months. I kinda agree that was the intent even though — I mean even in Hyeri’s version of events it’s been four months between contact, come on — but this isn’t gonna help her either.

She also express frustration with Jun Yeol, as well (I think?).

“I, too, am frustrated that a person directly involved in this is staying silent. This means that I might be writing this, having been fooled by his lies and that he did leave you for me. Because of this, please understand that what I am writing has nothing to do with my emotions and is only based on the facts and our respective agencies.”

Apparently she then realized she fucked up again and deleted that, then apologized, saying, “I’m sorry. I have an impatient personality.

Meanwhile her agency, 9ato Entertainment, said they have nothing to say on the matter.

As I’ve said before, I understood the emotions of everybody involved at the time, even if the way things unfolded weren’t ideal for anybody but the public. In Han So Hee’s case, it must be rough to have people continuing to pick at you, and for you to lose endorsements and what not, when you’ve done nothing wrong, but this certainly is only going to make things worse.


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