Highlight reach agreement with Cube Entertainment for use of BEAST trademark

Back in December of 2016, BEAST left Cube Entertainment, setup Around US Entertainment, and renamed themselves Highlight due to not receiving trademark rights from the company for the name. Now, over seven years later, it’s been announced that the Highlight members have acquired those rights to the BEAST name.

We have reached a mutual agreement with Cube Entertainment on the use of the trademarks for BEAST. The group will continue to promote under the name Highlight. However, it is a new feeling to be able to show you BEAST, regardless of the team’s name. We hope this news will be a meaningful gift for the fans and Highlight as we celebrate our 15-year anniversary.

Not sure what this might entail yet, but it does continue the nice trend of groups not only continuing on after leaving their original company, but also acquiring the rights to their brands/works under said company.

Also, something is coming from May 10-12.


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