aespa’s Karina and Lee Jae Wook have broken up, reportedly due to malicious comments and disappointing fans

It was only five weeks ago that the relationship between aespa’s Karina and actor Lee Jae Wook was made public and confirmed. Given that they had reportedly only just started dating, it seemed like tough timing to be dealing with all the attention, and now they’ve reportedly broken up, partly due to that attention.

A source from Lee Jae Wook’s agency C-JeS confirmed, “Lee Jae Wook decided on the breakup in order to focus on the project he is currently filming. The two decided to remain as colleagues who support each other.” They continued, “They will each greet [fans] through good activities from their respective positions going forward. Please show lots of warm interest and support.”
A source from SM Entertainment further confirmed, “It is true they broke up.”

In a way it’s not surprising, as Karina even had to release a handwritten apology to fans for the news. However, it’s discouraging that things almost seem to be going backwards with regards to public relationships, as fans likely feel more empowered than ever to be little controlling psychos over their faves’ dating lives. And international fans can try to hide behind Korean fans, but they are just as bad, they just find a different way to hate every relationship. You know, stuff like finding out the guy pictured above is apparently ‘ugly’, or whatever other excuse they want to use to harass them.


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