Actress Song Ha Yoon admits school violence led to transfer, denies other bullying allegation + earlier stories resurface

Well, the saga involving breakout actress Song Ha Yoon from Marry My Husband has certainly taken a turn for the dramatic recently. A couple days ago, a report by JTBC‘s Crime Chief accused her of bullying a classmate back in August of 2004.

According to the accusation, the informant said, “Song Ha-yoon was a senior in Grade 3 while I was a junior in Grade 2 and we knew each other. One day, she called me during lunchtime. She told me to come to the playground with a small house. But as soon as I went there, she started hitting me. I didn’t know why I got hit and I still remember that she slapped me for one and a half hours”.
The informant, a male student who got hit by a female student without knowing the reason, couldn’t do anything because the actress’s boyfriend back then was an iljin (a school bully). The informant talked to Song Ha-yoon’s ex-boyfriend. He also remembered the situation in the past and said, “I won’t stop you from reporting it”.

The alleged victim is now living in America, explaining that he saw the actress on a variety show. He also says he doesn’t want money but wants an explanation and an apology from her. The alleged victim had also mentioned that the actress was forced to transfer schools, and netizens quickly found that Song Ha Yoon attended three high schools.

Meanwhile, her company promptly denied the report, claiming that the actress doesn’t know the accuser at all, “The agency recognizes the seriousness of the matter, and in order to confirm the truth after receiving the initial report, we called the informant. Afterwards, we requested a meeting through a messaging app in order to confirm the exact truth, but the informant’s side expressed refusal. Therefore, we requested a call, but we did not receive a response. After checking the truth with the actress regarding the claims made by the informant, we confirmed that all the relevant information is not true and that the informant is a complete stranger to her.

Regardless, the accusation led netizens to dig a bit, and they tracked down posts from 2018 and 2021 of her alleged former schoolmates describing her as being in a gang, and further testimony from alleged former classmates began coming forward, many of them either say she was a bully or confirm that she was forced to transfer schools.

Well, that was enough that the actress’ agency decided to admit that Song Ha Yoon had indeed been forced to transfer schools in the past due to a school violence incident, but claim it’s just unrelated to the one in the recent report.

They stated, “It is true that Song Ha Yoon was forcibly transferred from Banpo High School [to a new school] in relation to school violence.” They added, “This matter has nothing to do with the ‘Crime Chief’ report. [The actress] does not know the informant at all. We did not bring up her forced transfer record as it was not related to this issue. It will be explained when the time comes.”

I can’t imagine this is going to get better if her agency decided to try and get out in front of further reporting by admitting that she was bullying in school and was forced to transfer, only clarifying that just this latest allegation isn’t true.


Additionally, in a rare case of international fans getting in on the mess, a pair of TikToks from over two months ago from actress Ryu Won have reemerged. In the videos, the actress/influencer talked about one of her most traumatic experience while under JYP Entertainment, where a senior actress basically treated her like trash and, well … bullied her.

@rw2100 Storytime grwm (1/2) #fyp #foryou #storytime #grwm ♬ original sound – Ryuwon
@rw2100 Storytime grwm (2/2) #fyp #foryou #storytime #grwm ♬ original sound – Ryuwon

People in the comments at that time speculated that it was Song Ha Yoon, who used to be at JYPE with her, and she certainly didn’t bother denying it.

So obviously that doesn’t seem to be great for Song Ha Yoon, because not only does it mean she was involved in school violence back then, but it’s hard to argue she’s changed much in the time since if she was still being that way towards colleagues as an actress. Yikes.


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