Hwang Jung Eum apologizes for accusing wrong woman of being husband’s mistress, adding to an impressive week of celebs being messy

Between the Han So Hee, Hyeri, Ryu Jun Yeol saga and the Kim Sae Ron “accidental” post with Kim Soo Hyun mess, it has already been a hell of a time in Korean entertainment for celebrities. Now though it’s accusing Hwang Jung Eum who seems to have lost the plot a bit, accusing a random woman of being a homewrecker, realizing it’s not actually her, and then apologizing.


Okay, so backtracking a bit, actress Hwang Jung Eum and her husband are going through a divorce. She alleges the reason is because of his infidelity, which also allegedly isn’t anything new for him, and since he hasn’t said anything to the contrary she’s been getting a ton of support. She even recently went on Saturday Night Live Korea to parody her situation.

Recently though, she may have gotten in over her head a bit, naming her husband’s alleged mistress in an Instagram post.

“Ugly girl, please marry Young Don (referring to Hwang Jung Eum’s husband Lee Young Don). Can’t he just divorce me and go to Bangkok?” She also wrote, “Will you please marry my husband? There is only one reason why I am posting this here. Young Don, who ran away from home, please divorce me before you go to Thailand.”

Hwang Jung Eum soon deleted the post, but it spread all over, and the accused woman replied by denying everything.

“I am not the adulteress of Lee Young Don whom Hwang Jung Eum is speaking of. I had no idea who Lee Young Don is, and he probably doesn’t even know about my existence either.” “A” also wrote, “I don’t usually watch ‘SNL (Saturday Night Live),’ but this time, I watched Hwang Jung Eum’s episode from beginning to end and supported her. Hwang Jung Eum, please check [this post],” tagging Hwang Jung Eum’s Instagram account.

A remarkably understanding position from her given the abuse she was getting, and Hwang Jung Eum later released an apology.

“There was a misunderstanding while I was sorting out my personal issues.
I sincerely apologize for causing harm to the non-celebrity concerned and those around them by posting their Instagram posts.
I have decided to write here again to correct the situation.
I have also contacted the person who was harmed to apologize personally.
I should have distinguished public and personal matters clearly in a space that many people can see. I apologize for causing fatigue to the public by making the wrong decision in a confused emotional state.”

The victim responded, calling it out as a bit weak considering the hell that was raining down on her socials.

“I haven’t received a proper apology yet, and I am still suffering from the numerous amount of hate comments, misunderstandings, thousands of new followers with malicious intent, etc. This is all too much…but the news article has been released like this…
As a celebrity with millions of followers who exposed a non-celebrity by calling them an ugly girl and adulterous woman because they weren’t able to control their own emotions, your apology letter seems a bit all over the place.”

So the actresses added onto that apology later.

“I mistook an unrelated individual as the person my husband was having an affair with, shared their posts on my account, and used terms that could be insulting.
The individual who is currently suffering damage is unrelated to the incident and has never met my husband, and she is not an adulterous woman.
I sincerely apologize for posting something with insulting content, writing content that could be misunderstood, and as a result, causing great damage to the individual and those around them who are receiving malicious comments due to my speculative content.
I ask you to stop the malicious comments and spreading speculative false information directed at these individuals.
I will contemplate hard to correct the wrong information and take responsibility for the damage.”

Less is often more when it comes to celebrities and their fragile images, but in terms of enjoying self-inflicted mess, things have never been better.

I understand that Hwang Jung Eum might not be in the best of mindsets at the moment, but it appears like she knew the name of her husband’s mistress, saw a woman with that name that she stereotyped as somebody who would be a “slut”, and then just called her exactly that (and ugly) to her million followers.

I mostly just feel bad for that woman at this point, knowing how netizens and fans get about this kind of stuff. I guess Hwang Jung Eum was riding high off the positive reactions from dragging her husband or something, but … maybe just keep the focus on him.


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