Manager of B1A4’s Sandeul planted hidden camera found by musical actress Kim Hwan Hee, WME apologizes

Last week, it was reported that musical actress Kim Hwan Hee found a hidden camera in the sofa of her dressing room at the Kwanglim Arts Center while preparing for her musical Next To Normal. She reported it to the police, and both her company (Blue Stage) and the musical’s production company (MP& Company) said they were cooperating with the investigation. In follow-up reports, it was revealed that the suspect was the manager of an idol group, and the company responded to reports by saying they terminated his employment. They also said the suspect is under police investigation.

Recently, the identity of the group/idol that the manager was in charge of was revealed to be B1A4 member Sandeul, who is actually her co-star in the musical. In response, WM Entertainment released an apology to Kim Hwan Hee. They also say they did an investigation at the concert hall, as well as the ex-manager’s residence and the office they had access to, and that there was nothing further found but they will continue to cooperate with the investigation. Hopefully the search was thorough, because they also have Oh My Girl and Lee Chae Yeon at the company, and he was presumably in all the spaces they were.

Something similar has happened involving celebrities before, with Shin Se Kyung and Apink’s Bomi being victims, but unfortunately that culprit was only sentenced to three years probation.


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