Kyungri signs with LABEL SAYU, so we might finally be getting a “Blue Moon” follow-up

Normally, a second-generation idol signing with a new company wouldn’t get their own post, but since it’s Nine Muses member Kyungri, well I’m doing it anyway. Yes, after seemingly forever in purgatory or wherever she was, it’s been announced that she’s signed up with LABEL SAYU as their second artist after singer Seori.

The company have also released almost a dozen new pictures of her, which prove she looks as amazing as ever, and most importantly, at least gives the impression that LABEL SAYU might know what they’re doing conceptually.

So that’s great and all, but you may have noticed the singer part of their other artist. Well, it’s hinted by Kyungri that she’ll be doing that as well, as noted by our Lead Kyungri Expert, Connor.

It’s significant because if people had any taste whatsoever then “Blue Moon” in 2018 would’ve kicked off her successful solo career.

I’m ready.


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