The never-ending LE SSERAFIM vocals discourse, Coachella part deux

When I wrote about the latest LE SSERAFIM vocals discourse last week, this time after their Coachella performance, I had actually forgot that they were due to perform again at the event. Well, they just completed their set.

The thing about discussing this is that even more than ever I’m not sure how you’re ever going to get honest takes on it, as the well has been completely poisoned both ways at this point, but I’ll give mine regardless.

Basically, other than apparently relying more on a backing track for intense songs (which they probably should’ve done to begin with), the adjustment has seemingly been to let those who are singing do less involved choreo at times. Unsurprisingly, the result has been more stable vocals compared to their previous set, which isn’t saying much, but it’s something. I dunno, I’m sure somehow people are running around wanting them to have significantly improved their vocals in a week’s time, like it’s some RPG where you can add attributes or be powered by people yelling at them or whatever, but for people living in reality this was about as much as could be expected. It was fine?

So anyway, here’s my lazy attempt at giving you monsters a place for discourse again, hopefully without it devolving even worse than it has elsewhere.

Try to be civil, it’s fucking K-pop, Jesus Christ.


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