FNC Entertainment announces disbandment of Cherry Bullet, who blessed us with “Love So Sweet” in 2021

FNC Entertainment has announced the disbandment of girl group Cherry Bullet, who debuted back in 2019 and are currently a seven-member group. Members Haeyoon, Jiwon, Remi, and May will also part ways with the company, while Yuju, Bora, and Chaerin will remain under FNC.

The group’s last comeback was over a year ago in March of 2023, after which three members competed on Queendom Puzzle, though none of them eventually made the EL7Z UP final group. They seemed to be gaining some traction, as their last release had by far their highest sales, but I guess it wasn’t enough in the end. Probably would’ve helped if FNCE gave them more than one comeback a year outside of their debut year (then following that with two digital singles in 2020).

Anyway, “Love So Sweet” is still elite.


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