Cast of ‘Pick Me Trip In Bali’ detained with passports taken … they set my girls up! #FreeBomi #FreeHyoyeon #FreeNayoung #FreeDita #FreeChoiHee

They got my girls! They got them all!

The cast and production team of the show Pick Me Trip In Bali, totaling around 30 people, was recently caught filming without permission and they are currently detained in Indonesia. They include Apink‘s Bomi, SNSD‘s Hyoyeon, former IOI member Nayoung, SECRET NUMBER‘s Dita, and broadcaster Choi Hee.

They stitched them up, I know it!

They won’t let my girl Bomi date in peace as an active idol and have now ARRESTED her for it. I want justice!

All the weirdo netizens believe in all kinds of conspiracies, but not when stuff matters most. #SMH

#FreeBomi, #FreeHyoyeon, #FreeNaYoung, #FreeDita, #FreeChoiHee


In all seriousness, they are chilling in a hotel and returning to South Korea next week after the investigation concludes. And companies doing shit like this is probably incredibly annoying, so Indonesia’s actions are valid, but there’s also like zero chance this was the cast’s fault.


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