Bullet Points: Relationship/pregnancy news galore (including STAYC’s mother), AOMG exodus, EDAM & anti-scalping, high profile injuries, more

Before getting back to covering the music releases hopefully tomorrow, holy shit did I miss a lot of news while that HYBE/ADOR clusterfuck was peaking.


AQUINAS had previously come out as bisexual, but has now clarified.

With regards to the EDAM Entertainment ticket fiasco with IU‘s concerts, am I missing something or is this just part of the growing pains of anti-scalping measures being attempted? When fans (rightfully) complain about how Ticketmaster (and the likes) are basically owned by scalpers and real fans can’t get tickets, and suggest that companies should move away from them and take action themselves … well, there’s gonna be bumps in the road for anybody who tries to crackdown on it. Not defending what they ended up doing, and they obviously need to improve, but if fans really want anti-scalping measures then this kind of shit is inevitable.

AOMG is an absolute mess right now, as you’ll see later, which makes it funnier that they reconciled with Meenoi somehow after her incident. I dunno what’s going on.


Like I said, AOMG meltdown. Also, Big Planet Made sure is making a name for themselves in a hurry.


Winter having a collapsed lung right before a comeback and SM Entertainment seemingly running her out there in promotions anyway seems not great on the surface.


Mainly feel bad for Bobby cause he has a kid younger than three and he has to head off.


Holy shit, what a time for relationship stuff. That’s three marriages, three kids, and two relationships.

Obviously I will miss ALICE‘s Sohee and her being incredibly hot, but Apink‘s Bomi and Black Eyed Pilseung‘s Rado dating for that long in secret is crazy. Also, it gives new meaning to the STAYC‘s interactions with her.


Back to the grind.


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