[Update] Actor Lee Seo Han apologizes for posting ‘joke’ sex video filmed at Bang Yedam’s studio, clarifies it wasn’t molka

In a bizarre event, actor Lee Seo Han recently posted a video to Instagram Stories that seemed to show a man and woman (both unidentified) engaged in a sexual act, partially censored by a sticker. The backlash was swift because the video looked that it was molka, and things only intensified once netizens found evidence Bang Yedam‘s studio was where it was filmed.

In response, Lee Seo Han released a statement on Instagram confirming it was in Bang Yedam’s studio, apologized to fans, and characterized the video as a joke.

“About the video uploaded yesterday, it was a joke between male friends.
I apologize to both Ye Dam and Ye Dam’s fans regarding the fact that the video was filmed in Ye Dam’s studio.
I hope that you will refrain from groundless speculation and misunderstandings about this video in the future.
I apologize for giving cause for concern to the people who watched the video, and I will be careful [in the future].”

While we don’t know much about whether the two parties in the video gave consent to be filmed, his statement sure makes it seem like it was filmed illegally as some kind of “prank”.



Bang Yedam has posted on his Instagram Stories, apologizing for causing trouble.

Shortly after, Lee Seo Han posted again, explaining that it was a reenactment and clarifying it wasn’t molka.

“I feel scared and sorry for not speaking up earlier. I realized that made things worse. However, I have gathered the courage to post again.
I often hang out with other close friends at Bang Yedam’s studio, where we sometimes listen to music, watch movies, and have drinks. Yesterday, five of us gathered for drinks, and after midnight, Bang Yedam and a friend who had drunk too much went home. The rest of us were having another drink. We reenacted a situation that we often see these days, filmed it, and I posted it on my private account. However, it got posted on my public account. It was not filmed through hidden camera or anything like that.
As someone aspiring to be an actor, I deeply apologize for causing controversy with my immature behavior.”

Well, I sure hope that’s true.


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