YouTuber Sojang has been criminally indicted on charges of defaming IVE’s Wonyoung and six others

Cyberwrecker YouTuber Sojang has been indicted without detention on charges of defamation and insults, most prominently involving IVE‘s Wonyoung, but also six others are now attached to the case as well. Starship Entertainment commented on the news, “We look forward to the results of the thorough investigation and prosecution of indiscriminate defamation crimes occurring online and expect reasonable punishment and penalties in future court rulings”.

Sojang is accused of defaming seven celebrities in total, having posted malicious videos of them 23 times, and having 19 videos disparaging the appearance of five celebrities. The court revealed that Sojang had earned about 250 million won from the videos, for an average of about 10 million won a month.

While prosecution received the cases of three victims, including Wonyoung, from police, last month they received complaints from five others as well. It had previously been speculated that Wonyoung’s progress in finding Sojang’s identity could open up avenues for others to pursue charges as well, so this might be the result.

It should be noted that this is the criminal case against Sojang, so the civil case is still under appeal. While they had won a judgement against Sojang, the YouTuber filed one of the most ironic appeals in history, which is currently drawing things out a bit more.


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