[Update] Kang Daniel files criminal complaint against major shareholder in his agency (KONNECT) for fraud and more + artists leave company

Kang Daniel has filed a criminal complaint against a shareholder with 70% stake in his company, KONNECT Entertainment. Daniel alleges embezzlement, computer fraud, breach of trust, counterfeiting private documents, and violating an information and communications network.

In a lengthy statement, Kang Daniel’s legal team outline the details of the five allegations. They explain that a contract worth 10 billion won was signed without consent in December 2022, that 2 billion won was withdrawn from the company without going through proper channels, that an unapproved corporate card was discovered and used to charge tens of millions of won, and that 1.7 billion won was withdrawn from Daniel’s personal account without consent.

Given the previous legal battle he had to endure with LM Entertainment, setting up his own agency seemed like a way to avoid any mess like that. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem like it’ll be the case now, as this case could take a while to be resolved.


Yuju, Chancellor, and We Dem Boyz have all left KONNECT.

According to Star News, Yuju, a former member of the girl group GFriend, had her exclusive contract with Konnect Entertainment terminated in the middle of last month. Yuju decided not to renew her contract with Konnect Entertainment, making her a ‘free agent’ in the entertainment industry. 
The dance team We’Dam Boys also confirmed its intention to terminate its exclusive contract with Konnect Entertainment at the end of November last year and began liquidation procedures. Singer and producer Chancellor is also said to have left Konnect Entertainment.


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