Weki Meki might be poised to end their hiatus of 900+ days with a comeback this month

Weki Meki, now that is a name that I haven’t heard in a long time. To be exact, they last had a comeback on November 17 … of 2021, which was a whopping 927 days ago. Thus, you’ll have to forgive me if I had assumed Fantagio had unfortunately just thrown them in their dungeon and lost the key, but according to 1TheK, they might be making a comeback this month.

Fans are mobilizing at the mere prospect of this, because after all, Kakao M should know if they’re returning, right? Can’t say I blame them.

Also of note is that they debuted seven years ago back on August 7 of 2017, which could mean their contracts expire in August of this year. Thus if Weki Meki are returning, it could either be their last chance or last hurrah, but either way one has to at least hope the comeback rumors are true so they get an opportunity to see their fans again.


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