T.O.P won’t be blowing up on a spaceship to the moon anymore

Back in 2022, T.O.P was selected as a member of the dearMoon project, put together by Maezawa Yusaku with the goal of being the world’s first civilian circumlunar voyage in collaboration with Space X‘s Starship vehicle. Naturally, with any suspect grandiose plan involving Elon Musk, it was delayed for years in 2023.

Today though, the project founder announced the cancellation of the voyage altogether due to the lack of clear schedule.

In 2018, Yusaku Maezawa announced dearMoon, the world’s first civilian circumlunar voyage
aboard SpaceX’s space vehicle, Starship. The plan had included artists from around the
world who would participate in the project to share the invaluable experience in space with
the rest of the world. Arrangements were being made with SpaceX to target the launch
by the end of 2023.
Unfortunately, however, launch within 2023 became unfeasible, and without clear schedule
certainty in the near-term, it is with a heavy heart that Maezawa made the unavoidable
decision to cancel the project. To all who have supported this project and looked forward to
this endeavor, we sincerely appreciate it and apologize for this outcome.

Following this T.O.P released a statement, in which he talks about stuff like his body being connected to the moon.

“Over the last few years since joining ‘dearMoon’, I feel that my body and soul have forged a deep, direct connection with the moon. My imagination has expanded to places I would have never expected as I prepared for moon exploration.
As a Korean artist, this experience has had a profound impact on my life and the music I make. My body and soul connected with the moon and space has already inspired me to compose a lot of new music, some of which I look forward to sharing soon. The moon has and will continue to nourish my soul and fill me up with meaning and inspiration forever.”

Well, at least there’s promise of new music in there.

Anyway, I guess I feel bad for T.O.P not getting to live his dream, but also … uh, glad he’s not gonna blowup.


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