HYBE applies to restrict access to trial records from Min Hee Jin injunction + a brief rant on bias

In a bit of minor news for the HYBE/ADOR conflict, it was reported that HYBE applied for a restriction on trial records access for their injunction case with Min Hee Jin.

Normally these are made public eventually unless restrictions are applied for.

According to the legal community, HYBE applied for the restriction on June 4, asking to restrict the records of the trial, including items such as HYBE’s written answers and various evidence materials. Restrictions are usually granted when important secrets about the party’s personal lives are written in the litigation records and when the party’s trade secrets are involved in the records. The court will decide if the application gets passed or not.
It was reported that HYBE applied for the restriction based on the evidence that Min Hee Jin submitted in the lawsuit, which includes KakaoTalk screenshots, as well as the contract for shareholders that was signed between HYBE and Min Hee Jin. They cite the contract as part of trade secrets, and quote that the KakaoTalk screenshots are of private conversations held between individuals, including third parties not involved in the court case.

Of course, if you’ve been following along with this case, you’ll know HYBE had already leaked some of those that were favorable to them, so making this request seems a bit bizarre in that sense.

However, HYBE already disclosed some of the KakaoTalk screenshots to the media during the feud with Min Hee Jin. This can include Min Hee Jin’s chats with her shaman friend, who is a third party to the court case. Hence, legal authorities have deduced that it will be hard for the court to grant HYBE’s application because HYBE revealed a portion to the media before the court trial.

The article also says the appeal against the injunction does not seem like it will proceed due to its “lack of practical benefit” and that observers are watching to see if they will continue to try to dismiss her from the ADOR board.

I guess we’ll see if they can at least get past this legal barrier. While I don’t know anything about how the law usually rules in these cases, it’d certainly seem rather nonsensical for one party to essentially request privacy after being able to use materials publicly for their benefit.


So yeah, just a tiny update there, and I’ll have a summary or something later about everything else going on, assuming there’s no rush of updates coming. Mainly though, I wanted to talk about fandoms on both sides of this issue and the constant complaining about bias.

Since I talked about people e-mailing and messaging me about not going all-in on the cult stuff before, as well as the LE SSERAFIM conspiracies, I figure it’s also fair to talk about those who now believe I’m biased because HYBE lost the injunction ruling in court.

Recently, in the K-pop subreddit mega-thread on this issue, apparently a few people took issue with me covering this analysis of Min Hee Jin’s injunction being granted against HYBE. One person even infers that I’m being paid by Min Hee Jin or something, I guess (certainly it can’t be for clicks, because shitting on Min Hee Jin is worth more in the international sphere, as their own existence proves).

Yeah, well, the problem is that I don’t see much that was incorrect there following the entire ruling being released. Perhaps you can split hairs to match your confirmation bias if you like, but that was indeed effectively what the judge ruled. I also clearly delineated what was the lawyer’s opinion/interpretation and what the court had ruled — and on Page 14 and 16 of the actual ruling in Korean, it uses almost the wording I explained in the post. I even noted that contrary to what NewJeans stans were going around saying, I didn’t think the judge’s ruling was relevant to whether plagiarism/discrimination/sajaegi happened in terms of legal viability.

Also, the person in that thread who seems to parrot this talking point about my bias the most in the aftermath of that article — in a quick browsing of their profile page — touts the Seoulite guy (who has been making vaguely threatening posts about NewJeans) and is completely in the tank for HYBE, calls Danielle basically dumb, and refers to Jin as Jin-sus. Very neutral arbiter of facts, by comparison, I assume. Glad you can rely on them instead of me.

Seriously though, it’s like sorry man, but in the aftermath of the ruling being made you can’t go around calling everybody biased instead of looking in the mirror for a moment*. Sure, I’m willing to reflect, but if you’re seeing some kind of obvious and terrible bias in my coverage of that article, maybe it’s not an everybody else problem, maybe it’s a you problem. Incredibly silly stuff.

*Especially since I’ve been reading takes in those threads and many were very sure Min Hee Jin was going to get destroyed legally.

You know what the wild thing is in terms of bias discourse? If anything, I’ve had to look back at my past assumptions that HYBE’s legal case was robust and their manner of pursuit of this was competent. The belief that Min Hee Jin’s antics and PR, while entertaining at times, probably had an uphill climb ahead of herself legally. However, reality now seems to dictate I reconsider and that this might end up closer than we thought, and that perhaps my most prominent bias was that of believing in some kind of inherent competence I afforded HYBE that perhaps I shouldn’t have.

Guess we’ll see, but I haven’t stopped being neutral (aside from cheering for entertainment) just because your side didn’t get its desired outcome and you’re pissed about it.


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