B.A.P tease reunion & comeback after 6 years away with ‘Man On The Moon’ documentary teaser

Four members of B.A.P have surprised fans — and everybody else as well — by announcing their comeback through a teaser for a documentary titled Man On The Moon. The group have officially been broken up or on hiatus since 2019, but their last release was in Japan back in March of 2018, so it’s been over six years. They’ll be doing these activities under MA Entertainment.

In the video, Moon Jong Up, Jung Daehyun, Yoo Young Jae, and Bang Yong Guk sit down in chairs in a studio and things give off a serious vibe. Maybe they have a lot to say, and who wouldn’t after having to deal with TS Entertainment‘s fuckery for years.

For now, they have a message for fans: “To all the fans who’ve been waiting, we’re finally back together. As much as you’ve supported us all this time, we’ll show you how much we’ve grown musically. We hope you’re looking forward to it. We’ll see you soon.

Notably, member Zelo is missing, but presumably that’s because he’s still in the military.


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