n.SSign’s Eddie to take ‘break’ after declaring he’s done with group & company and that nothing is genuine

Eddie — a member of n.CH Entertainment boy group n.SSign — is going to take a break for health reasons, the company announced recently. In itself this isn’t that notable in K-pop, but it comes Eddie sent a bunch of messages on the Fromm saying that he’s prioritizing his health because he can’t take it anymore and there’s problems both within the group and company.

Note: Apologies for mixing sources, but just add/subtract six hours to some of the timestamps. Did this for completion’s sake and to make sure they’re read in order.

n.SSign was formed through 2022 survival program Stars Awakening as a group of seven. However, before their debut in August of 2023, n.CH added three more members to make 10. Before they could debut, member Hyun went on hiatus, and a few months ago so did member Doha. Now Eddie will be on break, so the obvious concern here is his health and that of the rest of the members as well. While the company says it’s physical, it sure sounds mental as well, and the other hiatuses definitely raise questions about the company’s treatment of members.


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