Ado to hold unique handshake event while in a box to keep her identity hidden

Singer Ado is holding a handshake event as part of promoting her upcoming second album Zanmu, but obviously that’s not a new thing in itself. What is unique is that Ado uses an avatar and hides her identity, and thus the handshake event has to be done in an odd and original way.

Judging by what her staff posted, Ado will be literally in a box and fans will have to blindly stick their hand/arm through a whole in the box for a touch from Ado.

I know they won’t, but the potential to fuck with people as some kind of prank is just so high. The diagrams also make it look like some kind of COVID-19 pandemic era measure.

Anyway, since Ado is one of my favorites (uh, catching up on J-pop any day now, guys), I’d be tempted by this if I was in Japan, but also terrified about sticking my arm blindly into anything.


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