BTOB’s Changsub talks about catching and turning in a molka perpetrator on ‘Jeongwaja’

Because it’s a nice change to get good crime-related news on celebrities, BTOB member Changsub recently visited a police uni for his YouTube show Jeongwaja (Changing Majors).

During the episode he briefly — almost like some random factoid — explained a time that he visited a police station. The situation was that Changsub and a friend noticed somebody taking molka in a bathhouse, caught him, and took the perpetrator to the police, who later had him come back to give testimony after the investigation found evidence of the crime.

I also didn’t realize how popular this series was, as every video has millions of views. Goddamn, dude must be rolling in it, and I’m especially glad to see it after hearing about this incident. No wonder everybody wants a YouTube gig nowadays.

Anyway, there’s our seemingly bi-annual positive update on this front.


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