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Girls Planet 999 Episode 11: The 3rd elimination, interim ranking, and the road to the finale

We are at long last in the final lap of our hectic journey through the cosmos of Girls Planet 999. For some contestants, Mnet has made it's intentions very clear, but for others, the future remains murky. Furthermore, the interim results for the final week of voting have completely torpedoed any sense of rationality remaining in the show. So without further adieu let's get on with it.

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Girls Planet 999 Episodes 9+10: Kim Dayeon ascends, Mnet dabbles in class warfare, also Collaboration Mission

After the second elimination, it's time to recalibrate the groups. Team "U+Me = Love" is down to four members: Sakamoto Mashiro, May, Kotone Kamimoto and Zhou Xinyu. While Sakamoto ranks in the overall Top 9, May barely skated in at 8th place in J-Group and both Kotone and Zhou Xinyu had to be rescued by the Planet Pass. But things could have been worse!

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‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 3-4: Connect mission episodes are the best so far, which means they’re just okay

Like an unpowered space station adrift in deep space, Girls Planet 999 continues its solemn journey through the dark unknown. Episodes 3 and 4 finally get to the nutritional value of the show, giving us the first real glimpse of the trainees' skills and personalities. Those already familiar with the Produce series know how the beats go: picking parts -> bad practice -> good practice -> performance. These episodes do away with the overlong explanations and rule making that have dominated so far, making the show much more watchable in the process.

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