Okazaki Momoko (former Sakura Gakuin/’GP999′) joins BABYMETAL as MOMOMETAL

Okazaki Momoko, who was once a member of Sakura Gakuin and participated on Girls Planet 999, has been named as a new scream/dance member of BABYMETAL. Of all days for this to happen, it’s on April Fools’ Day, but it’s real news and she’ll be taking the name MOMOMETAL with the group.

The news was actually somewhat long-awaited, as she was with BABYMETAL as an Avenger since 2019.

BABYMETAL has also recently released a new album The Other One, which I will get around to eventually. But for now, congratulations to MOMOMETAL on her big day, and listen to a softer side of them for THE FIRST TAKE with a piano version of “Monochrome” (still waiting for live metal on the channel).


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