EXID’s viral status continues to rise as ‘Up & Down’ starts day at #9 on Melon


EXID have started Nov. 24 at #9 on the Melon chart, thus continuing their upward trend. To continue the momentum, since I doubt they can get BACK on music shows now, they’re doing guerrilla performances. Also, here’s the group celebrating their Melon status the other day. A video posted by AHN ELLY (@ahn_ellybaby) on Nov 11, 2014 at 7:02am PST ... Read More »

AOA released ‘Like A Cat’ dance practice MV + slo-mo version to “learn choreo” lolol


AOA has released a regular dance practice video for ‘Like A Cat‘ (unlike the ‘eye fucking’ version), which is glorious enough, but they also released a slowed-down version of the dance practice video, supposedly for those who want to learn the choreography. Right. What is even the point of having Viagra and Cialis around when there’s this shit? Read More »