‘Koreans React’ to Chris Brown and “Loyal”, domestic violence, censorship


That ‘Koreans React‘ “show” on YouTube is back, and this time we get a look on their thoughts on Chris Brown, but really it leads to a variety of issues. They end up talking about Chris Brown, the song “Loyal“, his history with violence, gold-diggers, and even got into censorship. The reaction when they brought up the domestic violence is ... Read More »

Jessica rumored to have left SME; burns a reporter’s ego to the ground


Jessica appeared at some event that I don’t care about, where a Hong Kong representative shared that Jessica had ended her contract with SM Entertainment. On January 28th, Jessica Jung made an appearance at the Yves Saint Laurent Beaute event where Hong Kong representative Mr. Ting reportedly shared that the artist has terminated her contract with SM Entertainment. Chinese media ... Read More »

Lizzy flirts with and then decapitates Pedobear for ize, is tired of people’s shit


Lizzy is posing for an ize magazine shoot, and she’s looking great, but that isn’t even the second-best thing of all this. For starters, there’s the shoot itself: 1) That’s Pedobear. 2) Lizzy killed Pedobear, proving that she’s an iljin. 3) That tiger balloon is so fucking high. Also, in the interview, Lizzy says people don’t take her seriously cause ... Read More »

Around The Web: Mizuhara Kiko Not An Extremist? (!!!), Hyeri Not Evil (?!), Keiunkan Inn


RocketNews24: I think I actually hate them for showing me this place. The Keiunkan Inn is the oldest hotel in the world and now I basically have to go. —– Netizen Buzz: A Pann post that nobody will read cause it’s Pann comes up with the revelation that Mizuhara Kiko is not a right-wing Japanese extremist and is instead just ... Read More »

Sunny & Nana talking about celebrity dates is just depressing


I’m stretching the ‘Roommate‘ clusterfuck over two episodes because it’s basically a two-parter about Shoo‘s kids, but the PD shoehorned this dating shit in there that last left off two weeks ago. I’m guessing that’s not a coincidence with Nana‘s recent rumors and all that. Anyway, while everybody is busy trying to read into Nana’s words because of the Hong ... Read More »

Nakata Yasutaka throws Kyary into the garbage bin, produces for model Mito Natsume


Model Mito Natsume has caused Nakata Yasutaka to throw Kyary Pamyu Pamyu into the garbage bin, as he has found a new mouthpiece. On April 8, model Natsume Mito will make her music debut with the single “Colony.” “Colony” is written, composed, and arranged by Yasutaka Nakata of CAPSULE, Perfume, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fame. Natsume is managed by ASOBI ... Read More »

Way opened Instagram, one of her first posts has “motherfucker gonna hang … maang”


Way recently opened up her Instagram, which means all of Crayon Pop have them public now. In itself, that’s wonderful, but it’s this Google translation of one of Way’s first Instagram pictures that really makes it. 급 놀이공원!!!! 하루 자유이용권 끊고 카드주길래 기념 찰캌 ! 담날 버릴려하는데 가이드가 왜 연간회원권 끊고 왔냐며.. 마앙. A photo posted by 허민선 WAY (@baysunny) ... Read More »