Vacation? Nah, because B.A.P filed suit against TS Entertainment


B.A.P want out of TS Entertainment and have filed suit to terminate their contract with the company due to unfair treatment. According to legal officials, the members of B.A.P. have filed a lawsuit on November 26th against TS Entertainment to nullify their contracts. The members who signed their contracts back in March 2011 have decided to file for termination citing ... Read More »

G-Dragon loves acolyte Taeyang so much more than mere associate T.O.P


The man-love between G-Dragon and Taeyang runs deep. Like, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” deep. At a recent round table interview to promote their recent collaboration, G-Dragon let it be known how much he adores the care and attention to which Taeyang pays him their craft. When asked to compare his previous collaboration with T.O.P with his current collaboration with ... Read More »

Hello Venus helps your penus to ‘Wiggle’ with their random dance practice


Hello Venus dancing to “Wiggle“? Of course, all idol groups now have to get in on the trends. Shameless pandering? Yes. Effective? Yes. Also, before the inevitable comments, here’s a picture for Westerners. The best part? The mad fans. Which is hilarious, since they literally made a music video about date raping oppa if you can’t get your way. Now ... Read More »

Celebrity (BoA) talks about hardships, people use it to whine about their lives … rinse, repeat


A bunch of people on the Internet are offended that a celebrity talked about the hardships in their lives and resorted to whining about celebrities who make money again. Oh joy. Article: BoA “I never rested for longer than two weeks for 14 years… I worked like a cow” Source: TV Report via Naver 1. [+5,122, -726] It’s hard for ... Read More »