Ladies’ Code’s Ashley, Sojung, Zuny discharged from hospital, recovery still ahead


Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny were recently discharged from the hospital because their physical injuries have healed, but the priority now is obviously going to be their mental stability going forward. On October 23, Polaris Entertainment told Newsen, “The health conditions of So Jung, Ashley, and Zuny are all almost back to normal, so they were discharged.” ′Right now, ... Read More »

AI will sing an English version of ‘Story’ for Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6′


AI‘s biggest hit song was the ballad “Story“, so I suppose it’s only appropriate that it’s also the song she’s now performing in English for the Disney movie, “Big Hero 6“. Why AI? Besides being fluent in English, the movie is about a Japanese robotics prodigy, so that’s the tie-in to the J-entertainment scene. Hard to complain about the choice ... Read More »

Rookie girl group Purfles (yes, really) sets a new high bar for debuts with “1,2,3” MV


Purfles is a rookie girl group from Crescendo Music, who I’ve never heard of before. The group recently released their debut music video, called “1,2,3“, and have set a high bar for future girl group debuts out of almost literally fucking nowhere. Did they release a teaser or anything? I don’t even remember, but the point of a debut is ... Read More »

Block B tell sasaengs to please get the fuck away from their dorm


Block B have always had problems with sasaengs (especially Zico, I think), but the sasaengs have now taken to drawing/carving shit into their dorm door, which led to the group tweeting out their disapproval. Block B’s leader Zico tweeted, “Visiting our dorm, it’s scary. Please stop immediately.” He further added, “Drawing our attention and being publicly warned, do you feel ... Read More »