Indie Focus: Startline continue down the same great path with ‘Across The Night’


When it comes to melodic pop punk, Startline have established themselves firmly as a band to watch. With their previous EP, ‘Light My Fire‘, and single, “Time Goes By,” they’ve shown that the three members know how to craft really great songs. ‘Across The Night‘ isn’t anything different from past releases, and that’s perfectly fine. —– “Great Escape” is the ... Read More »

Indie Focus: J. Rabbit’s music has continually progressed, and ‘Stop & Go’ is no exception


I have been a big fan of J. Rabbit since they released ‘Looking Around‘ two years ago. “Happy Things” is still one of my go-to feel-good songs, and I am always excited when they release a new video. So, I was really surprised when I had not heard about their new album ‘Stop & Go‘ until now. With every album, ... Read More »

Jessica did an interview in English or whatever, but the main thing is she sucks at golf


So former SNSD member Jessica did an interview in English for some golf event in China or whatever, but my main takeaway is that she has negative athletic ability and definitely didn’t throw that baseball in the ground for laughs. That golf instructor must want to kill himself. He should get paid overtime for not laughing. Jessica also mentions that ... Read More »

Yoon Eun Hye’s official fanclub comes out against her doing a movie with Park Si Hoo


With rumors about Park Si Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye‘s casting in an upcoming movie called “After Love” supposedly approaching finalization, Yoon Eun Hye’s official fanclub has come out strongly against her working with him, and they’re hoping to influence her company Jarmy Entertainment into changing their minds. Yoon Eun Hye’s own agency The House Company changed its name to ... Read More »

As One’s MV for their boning anthem “For The Night” delivers on the 19+ end


The Korean-American duo As One has returned with boning anthem “For The Night“, and it’s produced by Brand New Music‘s ASSBRASS, so what else could you expect, really? Most importantly, the music video stars TROY‘s Jaewoong and fitness model Kim Hae Na doing all the “dirty work”, and I think they earned the 19+ rating this time. Hard to complain ... Read More »

CL & Ailee set sail for ‘Murica — is it all a waste of time?


Korean idols making their way over to America is nothing new, and the US-of-A has already received the likes of SNSD, Wonder Girls, BoA, SPICA, and quite a few others. So far, it’s indisputable that the most successful venture belongs to PSY, whose accidental worldwide smash “Gangnam Style” raised the profile of Korean music across the globe, thus seemingly also ... Read More »